View TV Sports is a subsidiary of View TV that has announced a free-to-view ad-funded streaming television model, FAST, for distributing sports with a sustainable business model, a hybrid of broadcast and social media approaches.

Live Sports Streaming is the holy grail in audience interactivity with broadcast, securing Streaming TV as the future of television as a direct cord-cutting replacement. View TV Sports announces amazing Live Sports Streaming Service.

Live Sports are traditionally delivered via Cable and Satellite Networks via ad-supported subscription models. This model is costly to produce and acquire rights to, with no guarantees of any financial returns.

View TV working with the teams on its Platform, Kapang has produced a model to allow all sports teams and networks to broadcast live and archive events. Using a sustainable hybrid monetization model of subscription, sponsorships, and programmatic ad-funded broadcasting.

View TV today announced that its white-label service works with Sports genres of varying sizes, from College Football to amazing Global Competitive Events.

View TV stated that using the flexibility of social media approaches whilst deploying Streaming Broadcast compliance returns more than $35 per household monthly revenues. The service grows and gains value to deliver a sustainable niche business model, earning 24 hours daily.

View TV is finalizing deals to deliver global soccer, combat networks, golf, and Olympic trial events. The same preset model has been proven using racket sports and has been continually developed over the last two years.

View TV using Kapang as the consumer platform repays rights owners 100% of the ad revenue earned. In exchange for actual SaaS operating costs, revenue avoids capital expenditure and costly management fees.

i.e. A 5,000-follower club running four live matches per month via a 24/7 linear channel can grow six-figure revenues within the first few months.

The revenue generation of YouTube with the value and control of a television broadcaster using “View TV Sports”.

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View TV Sports
View TV Sports – Live Sports Streaming Business Model