Video Ad Server - CTV & FAST Channels

Video Ad Server for CTV

Video Ad Server is a SaaS platform facilitator that does it all. Whether you want to create, broadcast, distribute, or monetise your streaming video and linear FAST Channels, View TV has you covered. With View TV, you can reach any platform globally with fully integrated SSAI that you control. You can also use FAST Plus, the innovative feature that gives you access to real-time data and insights on your channel performance, audience behaviour, and revenue streams. 

Video Ad Server

CTV Monetisation solved in two clicks

CTV Ad Server – Creating, curating and delivering Streaming TV channels and FAST Channel experiences can be challenging to integrate.  Any broadcaster can provide an incredible return on investment using the View TV Cloud containing FAST Channel Playout, Broadcast-grade CDN, integrated SSAI, View TV Ads, and View TV Studios content.